Upcoming Event!!!

Wanting to eat good stuff, but have no where to go?

Wanting to have some kind of fun, but have already been everywhere?

Taiwanese Night Market is for you!

There’s gonna be loads of delicious food and mini games to play with cute prices!


Tanza After Ball 

Also, if you are feeling stressed and want to go crazy, but have no legit reason,

Tanza After Ball is for you!

Just a few clicks and in you go!

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And here is our Sponsor of the Week!

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Hong Kong Students’ Society

The Hong Kong Student Society (HKSS) was established to promote Hong Kong/New Zealand culture through a wide range of activities. By uniting members through these activities, HKSS aims to represent Hong Kong culture in our rich, culturally diverse university, The University of Auckland. Our connection between Hong Kong and New Zealand allows us to help student understand, and adapt to New Zealand’s way of life. We are an organization that brings students together to socialize, and experience Hong Kong’s unique culture.